Hi, I’m Liz Moorehead

Speaker, content therapist and brand storyteller

I empower bold people and brands to find their voice, clarify their vision and amplify their big ideas.
(I also talk about The Godfather too much, but that’s a different conversation.)

Occasionally, you’ll find my thoughts documented on storytelling (personal and brand), content strategy, and writing here. Let’s unsuck content together.

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I’m a high-energy, entertaining and engaging speaker who is at home on a stage in front of a large audience or centerstage for a virtual event.

it’s so nice to meet you

Here’s what I believe

Every single day, I have at least one moment where I find myself gobsmacked. Either by the resonating brilliance of a true visionary or the clarity of an organization’s purpose that’s fueled by a deep-rooted ethos.

Too often, however, these visionaries and organizations struggle to get out of their own way. Usually, whether they recognize it or not, they’re afraid.

“Do I really have something worth saying? Is this story really worth telling? Can you even say something like that out loud? What if our target audience rejects us? There’s only one chance to get this right, what if I blow it?”

Here’s what I believe:

You do. It is. You can and you must. The right people won’t. You’ve got this.

“Three minutes into Liz Moorehead’s INBOUND session, and I’m already in love with her!”

“Liz Moorehead is impressively funny, which is high praise from me, because I have Netflix.”


HubSpot Founder, CTO